At the moment due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID 19 we have delayed or postponed our workshops and residential. Please contact for more information and reservations.

Wellness Holidays and Tours

Our Healthy Breaks (H3 +1) ©

Include a Bioresonance health test, nutritional diets, acupuncture sessions, yoga and adventurous escapes. We believe that you deserve to be a healthy and happy person; sometimes we can only achieve this by stepping out of our daily lives. These mini-breaks from a week to 10 days are focused on different themes and are organized with a minimum of 10 people.

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Sports Teams (H3 +1) ©

Bring you or your team to train in the Costa Blanca in Spain. Ask for our bespoke personal arrangements. We can arrange the accommodation, and include the wellness packs to cater for your specific needs. Diets, detox, boot camp or post training health support.

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Health Workshop (H3 +1) ©

Can be a day or a weekend; we offer Mediterranean healthy cooking workshops, family constellations therapy, Yoga sessions and Art therapy.

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C.A.L.M.A. (Celebración A La Mujer Autentica)

Women only workshop. A full day or weekend. No accommodation.

190 €



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5 Element workshop

It is recommended to attend the full program of the 5 organs. But you are welcome to work on individual parts of your body should you feel like it. 5 two day programs (weekends) in the year. Fire (Heart and Small Intestine), Water (Kidneys and Bladder), Wood(Liver and Gall Bladder), Metals(Lungs and Large Intestine), Earth (Spleen/Stomach). Accommodation included. Minimum 5 persons.

199 € per weekend

The air we breath workshop

Meditation and breathing with Qigong. Accommodation included. Minimum 5 persons.

199 € per weekend

Help I´m separating from my partner

Are you totally lost and you need to recover? Need help before taking a decision? The full range of support from physical, emotional to legal should you need it. If you have children, we can help them and you with the changes. Therapy and counselling can be done online if you are unable to travel.

60 € an hour