About Philippa Harvey

At Philippa Harvey our mission is to give you back your personal sustainability, by working on renewing your feelings of belonging. Knowing yourself, and where you are in your internal and external ecosystem. We will be using our hands, heart and head to revive the real you. The use of the (H3 +1) © Methodology. Systems theory and Ecopsychology is also used as a structure to enable you to learn about yourself.

Our founder Philippa Harvey has 25 years of experience and a specialist in Integrative Health. Philippa is a registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, MSc in Applied Psychology and certified Bioresonance Practitioner and more. In addition to the practice, she also works in a clinical setting.

Philosophically Philippa Harvey follows The Right Livelihood as a concept where body, mind and spiritual health and material well-being are not enemies, they are natural allies. In modern days we can successfully blend heritage with the benefits of modern technology.

Philippa Harvey believes that human energy, or bioelectricity is the most important source of renewable energy and she believes that the unity between nature and the person's spirit is indispensable for balance. Modern society and our lack of connectivity to our own ecosystems, inside our body and outside us create disease, both physical and mental. We need to find the way to internal coherence.

Life is nature, and nature is governed by electromagnetic frequencies like a giant Wi-Fi system communicating to all atoms so that all things exist in homeostasis. We need to understand that our biology is not only mechanistic or chemical, but it is held together and directed by electromagnetic charge. TCM has this concept of human energy field as its main principle.

Understanding who we are, how and where we live and its impact on our health is important in the methodology of understanding health care. Philippa Harvey says epigenetics is about what happens in our cells, it is everywhere, what we eat, where we live, who we interact with, how we exercise, sleep, etc. All of these will eventually cause chemical modifications.

The constant research in understanding the impact of electromagnetism or bio electricity on our body and its impact on health, and how we fit into the nature of this balance is Philippa Harvey´s passion. Outside work, she practices what she preaches. She is passionate about reconnecting to herself through nature, eco health. She practices shinrin yoku, Aikido, does standing up paddle sup down rivers and the sea, and loves kayaking. You may find her doing some rock climbing. She meditates through creativity. As a good Zen paraphrase says “if you can’t sit still for 5 minutes, sit for 10”. So she uses sculpture, art and photography to centre her coherence.

Please don´t hesitate to contact Philippa Harvey and reconnect to your natural Wi-Fi system and find back to happiness and balance again.

Philippa Harvey

M.Sc. Applied Psychology
Licenced in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Certified AcuNova Acupuncture practitioner
Certified Practitioner Bioresonance
BA. Business Administration & Economics
ITEC International Therapy Examination Council
Sinrin Yoku practitioner
Aikido practitioner

Languages: EN, ES, FR, IT, GR
Member of: PEFTCM, ETCM